Covid Safe Plan

Cleaning & Infection Control

Clients should use the provided hand sanitiser on arrival and departure from the salon.

We are sanitising all door handles and frequently touched surfaces (such as light switches and the reception desk) between clients and have increased our cleaning procedures in the treatment rooms and reception areas. Please be patient if we take a few more minutes than usual to get everything ready between clients. It is our responsibility to prevent the spread of infection in the salon with careful cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

Legislation outlines sterilisation/disinfection control procedures, which must be carried out to prevent the spread of disease in the salon:

  • Premises must be kept clean and hygienic, and therapists must keep themselves and their clothing clean.
  • Beauticians should use good hygiene practices and standard precautions particularly washing and drying hands before and after contact with a client, before eating, drinking, and after using a toilet.
  • Before being used on another person all equipment, towels and wraps must be cleaned.
  • Broken skin must be covered with a non-porous waterproof dressing.
  • Dirty or broken equipment will not be used.

Where possible, we have substituted reusable equipment with single-use disposable equipment. Our treatment beds are covered with a soft plastic sheet that is sanitised between every client and all equipment is appropriately cleaned after every use.

Client Responsibilities

Before you attend your appointment at Beauty on the Promenade, please ensure you have read our COVID Safe Plan.
If you have any risk factors relating to COVID-19 please contact us to reschedule.
This includes people who have:

  • Recently returned from overseas
  • Have visited or passed though a designated COVID-19 “Hot-Spot”
  • Have been in close contact with someone suspected to have COVID-19
  • Have been in close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Showing any symptoms of being unwell
Social Distancing

Physical distancing measures are required to ensure only 1 person per 4 square metres, which includes staff and clients. To avoid having too many people in our salon at the one time, our waiting/reception area is closed.

We have staggered appointment times to reduce crossover contact between clients. Please wait in your car after alerting us, when you arrive for your appointment and we will invite you in as soon as our previous client has left the premises and we have sanitised the treatment room and frequently touched surfaces in the salon.

Please do not bring any children or guests with you to your appointment. The only exception to this is clients under 16 who are having a treatment must still have one parent or guardian with them.

Records of Attendance

Records of attendance for all staff, clients and contractors attending the salon are kept. We will continue to update our client records, so if your details (such as address or phone number) have changed, please notify us as soon as possible.

Hand Hygiene

Hand sanitiser is provided in the salon for you to use on entry and exit. There is also plenty of soap and paper towels provided in our bathroom.

Our staff practice excellent hand hygiene, washing hands thoroughly or using hand sanitiser before and after each treatment, as well as before eating, drinking, and after using a toilet.

Exclusion of clients and staff who are unwell

Stay home if you are unwell. Even if your symptoms are very mild, do not come to the salon, because we will have to ask you to leave. If you’re not well, just give us a call and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.

Staff will not attend work if they are unwell. In the event we have to cancel appointments, we will contact clients as soon as possible to reschedule.

Clearly displayed conditions of entry

Clients will be required to adhere to our COVID Safe Plan as a condition of entry to our salon.

Covid safe app

We encourage all clients to download the COVID Safe App

Limited cash handling

We would prefer to limit cash handling to reduce our exposure to any infection. Please pay by card or EFTPOS wherever possible. VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.

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